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Timetable planning based on student choice.

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Three key things for engaging students: connection, ownership of learning and meaning. A major hurdle for students is the inflexibility and time poor nature of job.

TOCK gives students the ability to take ownership of their own timetable. It makes personalising timetables for students and teach`ers easy.

Time is ticking, lets start TOCKING

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Feminist Collective

Fighting back against sexism in schools & online.

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Every day young people are exposed to sexism in schools and online. We’re going to fightback against it. Already started at some schools, they want to take the movement to every school.

The Feminist Collective website will contain video, dictionaries, interactive quizzes and links for support. Feminist Collective is a young team of powerful females who need your help, expertise, money and time. Help FHS fight back against sexism.

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Tackling regional student disengagement.

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Edspire is fighting to tackle student disengagement in regional areas. Based on student details & subjects, it recommends a range of opportunities in available area.

Edspire is a young team that can relate and communicate to other young regional students who aren't aware of what opportunities are open to them.

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I Am Eleven

Taking the I Am Eleven movement to the next level.

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Self funded for the last 8 years, I Am Eleven has been helping young people realise that their voice matters.

I Am Eleven is now working on creating resources and assessments that complement the video, so teachers can integrate it into their curricula and assessments. Help get I Am Eleven into schools all over the world.

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Bringing research to the community

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ResearchYo is taking research social. It makes it easy to find, suggest and develop research online in a community environment.

Be part of the community that opens up research data freely to the public to allow anyone passionate about learning to extract their own learnings.

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Creating a community of teacher led Professional Development

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Schools are time poor and have a lack of funding, there’s a lack of access to resources for some. There are teachers in schools who cannot access professional development. Microcosms of teachers are working on PD all over the world but not together.

Connect.ed is an innovative platform where teachers connect, teach & share their ideas. The Connect.ed app will allow teachers to create & share four minute videos on how they’re teaching ideas in the classroom.

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Redefining the MOOC experience by connecting local learners.

In 2008, the first ever MOOC was delivered, providing promise of equal education all around the globe. However, only 10% of people complete MOOCs.

That’s where we come in: MOOC Me allows you to connect with local MOOC learners to complete learning together. MOOC Me aims to increase MOOC retention rates by creating a more engaging, connected learning environment.

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